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Hands free human-computer interaction paradigm using face tracking – Master Thesis

Eye-Tracker - Write messages - Android prototype application

Eye-Tracker – Write messages – Android prototype application

The Master Thesis objective was to research and implement a prototype application that would ease the way persons with severe motor disabilities like: ALS, Locked-in syndrome, etc communicate with others. Usually people suffering from ALS and Locked-in syndrome end up unable to move any parts of their body, but their eyes and eye lids.

The prototype application for Android devices was implemented and used for a public user evaluation. It can be downloaded from Google Play: Eye Tracker – Write Messages
There is also a Youtube video that shows how I use the application: Eye-Tracker – Write Messages using just your eyes

Interested about the technologies used behind (eye tracking, image processing, etct) get the book: Get Book at Morebooks

Support further development of this application by donating: PayPal Donation. Donations will be used to continue development.

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