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Nature Sound Mix – iOS & tvOS


Life is stressing you out? Can’t get a good sleep? This app will help you unwind and forget all about daily problems. Listen to the sounds of nature, mix them as you please.

You can choose from 20 nature sounds and combine any sounds and play them at the same time. Setup the volume independently to each sound so you can find the perfect balance of ambience.

Create your own favourite nature sounds mix and save it for later. Go back to the nature even in your own living room or bedroom.

Relax on 20 different sounds and almost endless mixing possibilities.

The sounds include:
* Rain (heavy, mild or on car)
* Thunderstorm
* Crackling fire
* Birds singing in the forest
* Crickets
* Wind
* Whales songs
* Waves crushing on beach
* Underwater smoothing sounds
* Mountain rivers
* Fountains
… and more
Feel free to combine them as you wish and get the good night rest that you deserve.

Download the app for FREE on the new AppleTV or iOS device


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Spell My Phone Number – Vanity numbers made easy


Do you want to translate your phone number into a readable word?

Now you can, this app uses 60k+ english words that are used to convert a phone number into one or two words by using the numeric pad correspondent letters.

You can search, convert and save numbers from your Contact list directly into the app.

Moreover, you can send the phone numbers and their word translation by E-mail to anyone you want.

Can be downloaded from iTunes Store: Spell My Phone Number


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Mr. BioChem – iPhone/iPod lab productivity app

Developed together with a phd student in the field of biochemistry. The idea, functionalities and formulae were provided by the phd student

Check-out Mr. BioChem’s details page: here

Download the app from iTunes Store: Mr BioChem

Download the Free version from iTunes Store: Mr.Biochem Lite

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Math Attacks – iPhone/iPod Game

Graphical elements of the game were made by my colleague Gerrit

Check-out Math Attacks’ details page here

Download the game from iTunes Store: Math Attacks

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iBoogie – iPhone/iPod app

App icon created by my friend Fred

Check-out iBoogie’s details page here

Download app from iTunes Store: iBoogie

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A Sense of Place – Android photo gallery

The app was built in a team of two, together with my colleague Max

Download app from Google Play: A sense of place at HfK

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todays strategies for success are tomorrow strategies for survival

Mr. BioChem - Biochemistry lab help

Boost your lab productivity

Math Attacks

Awesome iPhone / iPod math game