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Hands free human-computer interaction paradigm using face tracking – Master Thesis

Eye-Tracker - Write messages - Android prototype application

Eye-Tracker – Write messages – Android prototype application

The Master Thesis objective was to research and implement a prototype application that would ease the way persons with severe motor disabilities like: ALS, Locked-in syndrome, etc communicate with others. Usually people suffering from ALS and Locked-in syndrome end up unable to move any parts of their body, but their eyes and eye lids.

The prototype application for Android devices was implemented and used for a public user evaluation. It can be downloaded from Google Play: Eye Tracker – Write Messages
There is also a Youtube video that shows how I use the application: Eye-Tracker – Write Messages using just your eyes

Interested about the technologies used behind (eye tracking, image processing, etct) get the book: Get Book at Morebooks

Support further development of this application by donating: PayPal Donation. Donations will be used to continue development.

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Betaville – HS-Bremen – Master project – team work

Betaville is a master project at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Germany, that aims at providing an online participation platform in the field of urban development.

Betaville is focused on reaching its audience through three different platforms: web client, smartphones, and multi-touch table

I was involved in the implementation of the mobile client together with my colleague Jonas. The mobile platform was developed for Android

For more information visit the website

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Google Search through Images – Bachelor Thesis

The Bachelor Thesis objective was to improve the Google Search results by using a template image.
There are cases when using search keywords such as: Paris or Jaguar for which the search results return images of both Paris Hilton and Paris the city, or Jaguar the feline and the car brand.
By using the prototype application implemented for the thesis, the search results are filtered using both keywords and the template image. One example can be seen in the image above.
The bachelor thesis allowed me to research in more depth the field of image processing.

The thesis is published as a book, it can be bought at

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The Autonomous Robotic Tank (ART): An Innovative Lego Mindstorm NXT Battle Vehicle

Autonomous Robotic Tank (ART) is a Lego NXT robot, whose mission is to hit targets of a given color (red), and to avoid targets of other color. It is a prototype of a tank which can be used in military missions. It uses an NXTCam to detect the red color, a ultrasound sensor to measure distance towards the targets, and other obstacles (unfortunately it is not really precise) and a flashlight, to cast a light on the targets, so that the camera can recognize them easier (the camera is very sensitive to light-shadow differences). The project was realized by Turcas Radu, Iova Oana and Marian Zsuzsa

Read the paper published at KEPT 2009

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