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Nature Sound Mix – iOS & tvOS


Life is stressing you out? Can’t get a good sleep? This app will help you unwind and forget all about daily problems. Listen to the sounds of nature, mix them as you please.

You can choose from 20 nature sounds and combine any sounds and play them at the same time. Setup the volume independently to each sound so you can find the perfect balance of ambience.

Create your own favourite nature sounds mix and save it for later. Go back to the nature even in your own living room or bedroom.

Relax on 20 different sounds and almost endless mixing possibilities.

The sounds include:
* Rain (heavy, mild or on car)
* Thunderstorm
* Crackling fire
* Birds singing in the forest
* Crickets
* Wind
* Whales songs
* Waves crushing on beach
* Underwater smoothing sounds
* Mountain rivers
* Fountains
… and more
Feel free to combine them as you wish and get the good night rest that you deserve.

Download the app for FREE on the new AppleTV or iOS device


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Tops & Tails – Multiplayer Words Domino Game


Tops and Tails is a simple, very entertaining and addictive word game that challenges you to find words that begin with the last X (1, 2, 3) characters from the previous word.

Spend your commute time challenging yourself and other in an entertaining and educative way

The game has access to dictionaries, in case you don’t know the meaning of a word, find it out directly within the game.
Available for FREE on the AppStore: Tops & Tails – Multiplayer Words Domino

On YouTube: Tops & Tails – Video Tutorial

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BizEmail – Track Group Email with Cloud Attachments


Have you ever wondered if the recipient opened that important email you sent?
BizEmail is an email sending app with cloud services for the iPhone and iPod Touch (Dropbox & Google Drive).

BizEmail is your perfect tool when it comes to sending emails if you are that sales & marketing person who needs to:
-email multiple files at the same time;
-email to a single contact or multiple contacts;
-track if your email was opened, when and where;
-save and use your typed email as an email template;
-attach documents from Cloud Services such as Dropbox or Google Drive or photos from your Camera Roll;

Download from iTunes:
BizEmail Lite to checkout all features: BizEmail Lite – Track Group Email with Cloud Attachments – HELLO AUSSIE STUDENT SERVICES PTY LTD
BizEmail Full to enjoy unlimited functionalities: BizEmail – Track Group Email with Cloud Attachments – HELLO AUSSIE STUDENT SERVICES PTY LTD

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Spell My Phone Number – Vanity numbers made easy


Do you want to translate your phone number into a readable word?

Now you can, this app uses 60k+ english words that are used to convert a phone number into one or two words by using the numeric pad correspondent letters.

You can search, convert and save numbers from your Contact list directly into the app.

Moreover, you can send the phone numbers and their word translation by E-mail to anyone you want.

Can be downloaded from iTunes Store: Spell My Phone Number


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Dr. med. vet. Martin Mayer – Veterinarian, vet for small animals


Are you looking for a great English speaking vet in the Waiblingen / Stuttgart area?
Download this app and find:
– Contact details of Dr. med. vet. Marin Mayer
– Clinic address
– Opening times
– Call the clinic directly from the app
– Localization on the map and route from your location to his clinic
– Save vet appointments in the app and also in your iPhone calendar.

Can be downloaded from iTunes Store: Dr. Mayer Vet

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Calculator – Timbrul de Mediu – iOS and Android application

Timbrul de Mediu - Android / iOS tax calculator

Timbrul de Mediu – Android / iOS tax calculator

This application is meant to help users calculate an environment tax called – Environment Stamp -. This tax was introduced in Romania and affects all automobiles.
The Android version can be downloaded for free from Google Play: Timbrul de Mediu 2013 – Android
The iPhone/iPod version can be downloaded from App Store: Timbrul de Mediu 2013 – iOS
Facebook public page: Timbrul de Mediu – Fan page

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Hands free human-computer interaction paradigm using face tracking – Master Thesis

Eye-Tracker - Write messages - Android prototype application

Eye-Tracker – Write messages – Android prototype application

The Master Thesis objective was to research and implement a prototype application that would ease the way persons with severe motor disabilities like: ALS, Locked-in syndrome, etc communicate with others. Usually people suffering from ALS and Locked-in syndrome end up unable to move any parts of their body, but their eyes and eye lids.

The prototype application for Android devices was implemented and used for a public user evaluation. It can be downloaded from Google Play: Eye Tracker – Write Messages
There is also a Youtube video that shows how I use the application: Eye-Tracker – Write Messages using just your eyes

Interested about the technologies used behind (eye tracking, image processing, etct) get the book: Get Book at Morebooks

Support further development of this application by donating: PayPal Donation. Donations will be used to continue development.

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todays strategies for success are tomorrow strategies for survival

Mr. BioChem - Biochemistry lab help

Boost your lab productivity

Math Attacks

Awesome iPhone / iPod math game